Dear Jeff;

I want to thank you for your questions regarding accessibility issues in Ontario. Please find my responses to your great questions. I hope you will find them satisfactory:

1. The Green Party of Ontario and I pledge to recommit to the AODA and will work toward removing and preventing barriers against persons with disabilities. We will also continue the process that has been started in 2005.

2. The Green Party of Ontario and I fully support funding AODA enforcement/compliance provisions in fiscally responsible manner. We will be open and honest about how we will fund this and will look at all options to ensure that does not increase the deficit.

3. We would support a thorough review of legislation and regulations as quickly as possible to ensure that they meet the 2025 deadline.  We will work to create an improved piece of legislation with the guidance of the organizations and individuals that support and promote accessibility. However, to ensure we do not lose the gains that have been made we will not repeal the ODA until it is guaranteed that these tools are not weakened, nor will we abolish the Employment Accommodation Fund.

I will continue to work with organizations and individuals that support and promote accessibility in Ontario, and present their recommendations for new and improved legislation to Queens Park to ensure that their voice is heard.

Thank you for all that you do to raise awareness of accessibility issues in Ontario. If you should have any further questions please feel free to contact me.

Kevin Labonte
London North Centre
Green Party of Ontario