Public Speaking

Delivering his first speech at 3-years-old, Jeff has always had a passion for public speaking. Over the past 20 years, Jeff has delivered thousands of motivational and keynote presentations on a variety of topics including disability awareness, self-esteem, and bullying. While the disabled population face several unique challenges, Jeff feels one of the biggest barriers to an inclusive Ontario is the lack of understanding and awareness of disability. Unless living with a disability or knowing someone with a visible limitation, many in our community are unaware of what the disabled life is like, and as a result, have problems understanding what support the disabled population needs to overcome the obstacles we encounter. In his presentations, Jeff combines a rich collection of stories from his own life to  educate about disability and to inspire the audience to tackle the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.

For businesses, Jeff is great as a keynote speaker to open a conference or to lead smaller breakout sessions on some of the following topics:

  • Accessibility
  • Disability and the workplace
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Empowerment and achieving success
  • Strategic planning
  • Mainstream media training
  • New media/social networks

Schools and community groups can also benefit from hearing Jeff speak, offering both large presentations and classroom facilitation on topics like:

  • Understanding disability
  • Developing adapted classrooms/programming
  • Self empowerment and goal setting
  • Anti-bullying and self confidence
  • Effective fund raising

If your school or business is interested in having Jeff speak, please contact me for more information on pricing and availability.