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Day 13 — A Day in the Sun

So, remember how I said I was totally caught up on sleep and whatnot? Apparently not! I woke up this morning with the sun on my face, only to discover it was 11am…no big deal…almost 12 hours of sleep. Luckily, we had no official plans today and I definitely needed the rest. This afternoon was spent lounging around my dad’s apartment and enjoying the long weekend–everyone needs a rest once in a while right?

Before dinner, Pete and I walked down to the harbour front to grab my dad some milk (by the way dad, your milk went bad) and some ice cream before sitting by the water and watching all the sail boats. For a day that was suppose to be kind of damp, it actually was quite nice–the sun was shining, the street performers were out in full force, and for the first time in this trip we were able to just let ourselves get lost in the crowd and enjoy the anonymity.

Tomorrow we will be making our final push to Toronto, driving from Hamilton to Mississauga. We hadn’t originally planned on making this run, however, we’ve decided to add the extra drive after doing a bit of investigating. You see, here at the Mobilize March we’ve gone high-tech–with the help of Google Earth and it’s satellite images, we were able to find a nice and big road that appears to be relatively calm, leading from Hamilton to Mississauga. From what we can tell, Dundas Street is a relatively flat two-lane road that borders the outskirts of several GTA communities (like Oakville and Burlington). Not only are there two lanes, but the road appears to also have a fully paved shoulder the entire way through, which will help ensure our safety. At the same time, we’ve formed these opinions on medium-quality satellite shots that have been uploaded to Google Earth, so who knows how reliable they actually are–only time will tell I suppose!

It also looks like it’s going to be a bit soggy tomorrow, however the weather man claims it’s going to get wetter as the day goes on, so we’re going to try and beat him to the punch and get an early start at it tomorrow morning. Although I’d prefer to stay dry, I’m afraid to say I’m almost getting use to spending time in the rain. Oh well, in a way it wouldn’t seem right if I got to spend the entire trip basking in the sun and enjoying myself, right?

So onward and upward tomorrow, what a fine way to cap off the long weekend!

– Jeff

By Jeffrey Preston

Born with a rare neuromuscular myopathy, Jeff has spent his life dedicated to advocating for himself and others with disabilities. With a PhD in Media Studies from Western University, Jeff's research focuses on the representation of disability in popular and digital culture. Jeff is currently an Assistant Professor of Disability Studies at King's University College @ Western University in London, ON.