Police Accessibility Fail

"I saw the signs and it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign."
“I saw the signs and it opened up my eyes. I saw the sign.”

I snapped this classic photo yesterday on my way home from campus. Apologies for the low quality image, I took it with my iPhone and when the police officer saw that she was busted, she peeled out of the spot, never to be seen again. Still, I wonder how long she would have sat there in the wheelchair parking if someone hadn’t started snapping photos.

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By Jeffrey Preston

Born with a rare neuromuscular myopathy, Jeff has spent his life dedicated to advocating for himself and others with disabilities. With a PhD in Media Studies from Western University, Jeff's research focuses on the representation of disability in popular and digital culture. Jeff is currently an Assistant Professor of Disability Studies at King's University College @ Western University in London, ON.