Speaking Engagements

School Age Children with Disabilities workshop @ TVCC

This morning I returned to the Thames Valley Children’s Centre for another keynote presentation, this time at the School Age Children with Disabilities Workshop. Similar to my last visit to TVCC, my presentation was to parents of youth with disabilities to talk about the importance of self advocacy and education. It was a great crowd with tremendous conversation following the presentation. Looks like our next generation of youth with disabilities are being well positioned to become the advocates of the future because of some wonderfully supportive parents.

By Jeffrey Preston

Born with a rare neuromuscular myopathy, Jeff has spent his life dedicated to advocating for himself and others with disabilities. With a PhD in Media Studies from Western University, Jeff's research focuses on the representation of disability in popular and digital culture. Jeff is currently an Assistant Professor of Disability Studies at King's University College @ Western University in London, ON.