Kroll Show rips Degrassi: The Next Generation

Wheels Ontario (on Comedy Central)

Seeing some of the commercials for the new sketch-com “Kroll Show” on Comedy Central, I figured this was going to be an absolute dud. But last night in the first episode,┬ácomedian┬áNick Kroll landed one of the funnier critiques of media representations of disability while also taking a shot at Canadian icon, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Given that I’m writing about (read: watching and rewatching obsessively) Degrassi, this sketch rang a little too true. For those not in the know, Degrassi featured Aubrey Graham (aka hip-hop artist Drake) playing the role of “Jimmy,” a character who was disabled from a gunshot wound in Season 4 and spent the next 5 seasons in a manual wheelchair.

Check it out Part 1 of the sketch “Wheels Ontario” on Youtube, because it’s pretty fantastic: