“One of A Kind Car” on CTV News

A few weeks ago CTV News came along for a spin in my new car. Celine Moreau did an awesome job on the report, managing to get it all wrapped up before I left town for thanksgiving. Note for new drivers: you thought driving was tough before? Try doing it with a film crew. A little nerve-wracking. Joking (mostly); I had a great time.

You can see the video below.


Free At Last…

Photo of a temporary G2 license with "Free at last" written over top


Legislating Access

Image from The Star with the text "No Justice" written over top

A complicated and sad story has come to an end in Toronto as an elderly couple’s illegal $80,000 two-storey addition is now required to be demolished after years of legal battles to maintain the structure on compassionate grounds. While I’m not versed in this specific case and can’t say whether this is the right or wrong call, I do think it opens an interesting conversation on the “duty to accommodate” and what some call “the government of disability.”